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Slack Channel - #ham

Discussions about Amateur Radio in the Chattanooga area.

Getting On the Air

HamStudy - Practice for your Technician, General, or Extra class tests

W6LG on YouTube - YouTube channel for begginer hams

Miklor - Resource for entry-level HTs (Baofeng, Wouxon, Leixen, etc)

Local Amateur Radio Clubs

CARC - Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

devanooga - Official devanooga radio club, W3DEV


APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System - APRS on Google Maps

SMS Gateway - A gateway between SMS and APRS messages

Mobilinkd - Bluetooth TNC for connecting your phone to your radio. Great for APRS and other digital modes.

Digital Radio

The devanooga radio club (W3DEV) has an official Echolink node, thanks to hardware donations from @strangewill!

devanooga echolink node: W3DEV-L (395443)

Echolink clients:

If it’s your fist time using echolink, you have to install the client for your preferred platform, sign in with your callsign and make up a password, then go here to validate:


General Info

DMR - How it works - Video intro to DMR

DMR-MARC - Apply for your DMR ID

Good Radios

TYT MD-380 (Amazon) - Great beginner DMR radio

(Wanna help us out? Set devanooga as your AmazonSmile charity!)

Hacking the MD-380

md380-tools - Travis Goodspeed’s hacked MD-380 firmware

You and your MD-380 - Adafruit’s guide to hacking the md380

Jailbreaking a Digital Two Way Radio - Travis Goodspeed’s Shmoocon talk about how he hacked the MD-380

Local Resources

W4PL - Local codeplugs and repeater info

2m Repeaters

Frequency Offset PL Tone Call Notes
147.000 Positive 131.8 KA6UHV  
146.610 Negative 107.2 W4AM CARC Club Repeater
146.790 Negative   K4VCM Fusion
145.130 Negative   K4CMY  
145.390 Negative   W4AM CARC Club Repeater
147.105 Positive   KD4NEC  
146.925 Negative 114.8 W4GZX Cleveland Club Repeater
147.255 Positive   KJ4SI  
146.715 Negative 67.0 W4ABZ Ringgold High School Amateur Radio Club
147.135 Positive 141.3 N4BZJ  
145.290 Positive   W4PL D-STAR