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Slack Channel - #truebeginners

A good place to get your feet wet and ask all kinds of questions as to where to start on a subject new to you, or for clarification on things that may be confusing.

Remember: we’re all newbies on one topic or another, so all experience levels are welcome. Chances are you’ll have as much to learn as you will to help others.

This channel is usually for less language-specific questions (eg: learning about classes vs. learning about C#), but feel free to ask here anyway.

Learning resources

DevTube - A big collection of developer videos

Git Resources - Resources to learn Git, by reading or by doing

Hackterms - A crowdsourced dictionary of coding terms

OpenLibra - Free educational eBooks

Flight rules for Git - Flight Rules: A guide for astronauts (now, programmers using Git) about what to do when things go wrong

Do What You Love - A Quick-start Guide for people that want to Do What You Love

Succinctly Series - Free ebooks for .NET & JavaScript Developers